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Senior Lunches

Senior lunches, provided through the Community Action Agency, are being held at the Township Hall. Lunch is served Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon. Reservations need to be made by 9 a.m. the day you plan to attend. Contact Frank at (906) 493-5059 with questions or to make a reservation. Click to see the monthly menu.


2023 Dump Days

Tires need the sidewalls cut off.
• Paint needs to be in solid dry form. (take the lid off, dump in some sand and let it dry out).
• Shingles can NOT be loose! Must be in construction bags or containers that can be dumped by hand.
• All metals accepted
• Refrigerators only accepted if tagged by a Freon Removal Company
• No hazardous materials, including gas or used oil
• No household garbage
• No lumber, plywood, pallets, trees, brush, stumps, cement blocks, boats or campers
Dump Days are for Drummond Island property owners only.

Turn SOUTH at Four Corners on to
Warner’s Cove Rd/South Shore Rd
Turn left by OLD Laundromat


Photo Credit: Charles Dawley

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