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Glass, plastic, paper and aluminum can be recycled on the island.  The recycling trailer is located across from the township hall.  The trailer is taken off the island and emptied on Wednesday Mornings.  Currently, Cardboard is not accepted,  but it can be recycled in Detour at their recycling facility located at 414 St. Mary Street. The Drummond Island Township Board is currently working with state and county government to bring cardboard recycling to the island.

Trash Removal

GFL Environmental is the waste management company that serves the island.  Please contact them at (906) 635-3380 or to arrange service. GFL trash bags can be purchased at the EZ Mart or Bailey's Services and trash can be deposited in the GFL Dumpsters at each of these locations.  Please note, only GFL bags are permitted in the GFL dumpsters.

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