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Township Treasurer

Julie Stevenson serves as Drummond Township Treasurer.  She was appointed in October 2022.  She can be reached at 906/493-5321 or


As Treasurer, some of her official duties include:

  • Responsible for all revenues received by Drummond Township from bank and investment accounts and tax collection.

  • Maintains Township receipt records in accordance with the Uniform Chart of Accounts as directed by the State Treasurer.

  • Assists residents and property owners with the tax related issues.

  • Collaborates with Township Board of Trustees to develop the annual Township budget.


Tax Tips


If your address changes  or if you want your bill sent to a winter address, please let us know so we can update our database.

Summer taxes are due September 14. Late interest and penalties began accruing September 15. Taxes may be paid to the township until the last day of February.

Winter taxes are due the last day of February . Beginning March 1, all taxes are considered delinquent and must be paid to the Chippewa County Treasurer. Please check your winter bill to see if it says "Summer Taxes Owing".  If that is the case, your summer bill still has a balance owed.

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